A Journey of Self-Discovery and Fulfillment

Our founder has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by overachievers who feel perpetually unsatisfied and unfulfilled. With a remarkable background including a PhD in biology, a master's degree in psychology, a marriage and family therapist license, and an ICF coaching certification, our founder Neza has dedicated years to their own personal growth and self-discovery.

Through her own journey, she discovered the pervasive presence of inner saboteurs that kept them from reaching their true potential and living the life they desired. It was a process of honoring the younger versions of themselves and nurturing the belief that they are inherently worthy and deserving of success.

Driven by her personal experiences, she is committed to ensuring that their clients don't have to endure years or decades of self-sabotage. She passionately believes that everyone has the capacity to break free from limiting patterns and achieve their dreams without sacrificing their well-being.

With her combined expertise in biology, psychology, therapy, and coaching, she has developed a comprehensive approach to helping overachievers overcome self-sabotage, embrace their worthiness, and take confident steps towards fulfilling their true purpose.

At Neza Coaching Solutions, we are here to support you in your journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Let her story inspire and guide you as you navigate the path to realizing your fullest potential and living a life of purpose, satisfaction, and success.


“I Am Not What Happened to Me; I Am What I Choose to Become.” - Carl Jung

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